Bates Knives

Bates Knives are made with the demands of today’s warriors in mind. As a Combat Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, I understand those demands. My time as a Marine Corps Infantryman gave me an understanding of the conditions that a knife will be subjected to in the field, and I incorporate that experience into every blade that I hand craft.

Bates Tactical Knives are not for the politically correct. Every blade is stamped with the word “Infidel” in Arabic. During the hardening process the red-hot blade is pulled from the forge and immediately quenched in liquid with pig’s blood added to it, completing the “Infidel” touch.

The simple designs of Bates Knives are intended to be first and foremost, dependable tools and weapons, straight and to the point (no pun intended,) while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance with small details such as Mosaic Pins on the handle, all at an affordable price. The most popular finish on Bates Knives are parkerized, the same type of finish as that of the M4/M16 service rifle in use on today’s battlefield. Many other finishes are available, including polished and satin with handle choices such as green-canvas Micarta, G10, 550 para-cord, antler, and wood. Order one of the popular styles or make a custom order, your imagination is the limit.

Bates Knives: Battle Ready, Warrior Made.

- B. Bates

Bates Knives  ☀  Tucson, Arizona